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I need to do a catch up post, then will try very hard to at least post something once a week…

It’s been many a long day since I last updated my blog, and by “many a long day”, I mean nearly two years! When this I was pointed out to me, I was shocked, shocked I tell you! Many things have happened over these two years; a part time job that made it hard to do much of anything else but work, the loss of that job right when my mother became ill and I really needed the income, and the subsequent loss of my mother who was my best friend and also my business partner, my biggest cheerleader and the sharer of the dream for our business. Since then, it’s been hard to keep going amid losing every penny of savings to final expenses and people encouraging me to stop doing photo restoration, or do it as a “hobby”, and get a “real” job. This may eventually come to pass, but I’m going to give it one more try; put on my big girl panties, as one friend put it, get out there and promote myself instead of waiting for the magic marketing fairy to do it for me, and see if I can make this work out for me before putting in those applications at Home Depot or Walmart.

On the restoration front, I’ve worked on many fascinating projects during the past two years, for a historical society in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, the Fort Worth Zoo and the Tarrant County Archives just to name a few. Lots of Texas history, especially, going on, which makes sense, since Fort Worth was my base of operations. I’ve since moved in with my brother, bless his heart, on a temporary basis, and am living about 50 miles west of Fort Worth. As you can imagine, this has made meeting with clients hard, and has lost me more than a couple jobs, but it’s also opened up the more “global” aspect of my business, working on files sent to me over the internet. I’ve always done some of this type of work, but the largest part of my business, by far, was local work. Obviously this has to change.

I’ve also added a sort of “virtual assistant” field to my business, aimed at creatives and historian/genealogists who need help with retouching or research or photo / file editing. I’ve gotten a few good jobs from this in the past few months and has resulted in one of the worst client experiences I’ve ever had and also one of the all-time best! The genealogist who I’m doing some work for now is so wonderful that I wish I could keep on working with her for ever and ever…and ever!

While my mom was sick, I had to pass up some opportunities for work of the type I’d done with lynda.com, because I was her sole caregiver and she couldn’t be alone. While I’m so glad and so honored I could be there for her, especially since, unbeknownst to us, it would be the last times we’d have together, the opportunities were given to others and probably lost to me forever. I also let my TipSquirrel.com tutorials and articles slide, but this will be changing, now, as well. Beginning on Wednesday, July 23, I’ll be posting on TS once again!

I’ve missed interacting with you but I’ll again be bringing you some tips, a few tricks and showing you some cool Photo /Photoshop related products, once in a while. I’m back, and I hope you’ll be joining me!

One of my more recent projects…



  1. Mon 30th Jun 2014 at 11:11 am

    Seeing you back blogging again warms my heart. Welcome back JS, we missed you! xx


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