As most of you know by now, Adobe has released Photoshop CC 2014. I’ve had a lot of questions concerning this from Creative Cloud members who already have Photoshop CC installed, and thought I’d share some of the concerns and answers with our TipSquirrel readers. First of all, this is not an update of Photoshop CC, but a brand new version, a major version update, or an upgrade, if you will. If we were still on the CS system, Photoshop CC being CS7, this would be CS8…but it’s not. It’s CC (2014). If you weren’t confused before, you might be now… I watched the big launch and loved all the cool new features! I updated CC, but the features aren’t there: Again, this is a new version, so it must be downloaded and installed. To do this, open your Creative Cloud desktop app. There you should see your current versions (Photoshop CC) and the new versions (Photoshop CC (2014)). The (2014) versions are the ones you want to install. You should also be able to install the new version by going to Help > Updates, but I, personally, wasn’t able to. If you can, do so. Either way will get you where you want to go! I am using Photoshop 14.2.1. Is this the latest version? :   AboutPS       No, the new version is 2014.0.0. You can check which version you’re running by going to Help > About Photoshop. If the version isn’t 2014.0.0, you either opened the wrong version (CC as opposed to CC 2014) or you haven’t downloaded the newest version (see above). Is this included in my Creative Cloud subscription? : Yes. If you have the Creative Cloud, this is included, as all updates / upgrades to CC software will be. I’ve installed CC 2014, but CC is still on my system: A new version means a brand new install, so CC will still be on your system. Since CC 2014 is a new version, you can uninstall CC at any time, 2014 doesn’t rely on it to run at all, if you tend towards paranoia at all, however, you might keep CC on your system as a safety net should something go horribly wrong with CC 2014. I only say this because I tend towards paranoia… Will my presets still work with the upgrade? Yes, in fact, when you install (2014), you will get a pop up asking if you want your presets migrated from the previous version; just say yes! If this doesn’t happen, go to Edit > Presets > Migrate Presets and follow the instructions. You will have to re-install your 3rd party plugins manually, like you do with every major version update. Why is Window > Extensions grayed out? One of two reasons; you either don’t have any extensions installed (that was kind of obvious, right?) or the extensions you have installed are Flash based. As of Photoshop CC 2014, flash-based extensions are no longer supported. Some Adobe Extensions have been converted to HTML format, however, such as Kuler and Paper Texture Pro, and more will surely follow. Where is Mini Bridge? : Same as above; Mini Bridge is Flash-based. If an extension isn’t working or something Mini Bridge isn’t there, the first thing to check for is if it’s Flash-based… One more tip; make sure your video card driver is up to date. Some problems I’m seeing are directly related to this.


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