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Sometimes I just get excited when I see a damaged image because I just know how gorgeous it will be when it’s done; I can just see it. Such was the case with this image. I knew that with a little work, this beautiful lady would shine again. I wasn’t even worried when I was hired to do the restoration on a very short date. Nope, this was going to be one of those projects that nearly restored themselves. And so it was.


I started out on the face, of course. I do like the instant gratification, so I never start on something as boring as the background…which isn’t always a good thing because by the time I get to the background I’m so ready to be DONE!


Next I darkened the eyes a bit and did some more work on the face. The skin was really coming out nicely, just like I thought.


Now working further down the face and neck being very careful to completely do away with any trace of the cracks; the goal, after all, is for someone to look at the finished restoration and never imagine there was any damage to begin with.


There’s also some intricate detail work around the neck, namely the necklace. Areas like this can be very telling in a restoration; if the necklace isn’t perfectly restored it can be a glaring tell.


Finishing the neck and body, I move on to the background. I tend to start close to the main subject and move outward. No particular reason, just me.


Now that I have most of the restoration work done, I think I’d like to see a bit of smoothing applied. When putting on any kind of blur to smooth the skin, it’s important to make sure the eyes aren’t softened as well.


I caught one more bit that needed to be restored under one eye, but after that fix it’s done. One day, delivered on time to a happy client. My favorite type of work!


A before and after comparison:



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    Amazing work as always J. Thanks for sharing!


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