Today we are celebrating the birthday of the one and only footnoteMaven, the much loved and truly talented publisher / writer of the award-winning Shades of the Departed online magazine. In honor of that birthday I present to you, in one of many offerings from the Shades writers, a tiny peek into the possible history of the legend that is Maven…

MAVENLANDIA – In a shocking development, two previously unseen photographs have been found that are believed to be of the infamous footnoteMaven. Ms.Maven, long wanted for her brilliant mind, loving mature and caring soul, has only been known to show herself in an occasional image posted on the internet (see left and below) and has been rumored to arrive, incognito, sometimes sporting a racy red wheelchair, at various footnote loving events.

The images, believed to be of the beloved Ms. Maven, where found in the attic of a quaint little¬†castle believed to be Ms. Maven’s childhood home. When interviewed for this story, Ms.Maven’s former nanny, Sista Henrietta Floogflopper, said only that the tiara sported in one of the images looked like the one which was presented to Ms. Maven on the event of her 5th birthday, the very tiara which started a truly impressive tiara collection owned by Ms. Maven to this very day.

Are these rare images truly of our beloved footnoteMaven? Since Ms. M is currently in seclusion, the scuttlebutt being she’s at an exclusive spa somewhere in the South of France therefore not available for comment, it is left for you, the reader to decide!

Postscript: No images were harmed in the writing of this story! These Little Orphan Images were merely altered digitally, by the author, when she seriously needed to be doing something else. Happy Birthday My Dear Maven, from your bored ugly Sista!

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